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BMO MSCI All Country World High Quality Index ETF - ZGQ

ETF Overview

The fund has been designed to replicate, to the extent possible, the performance of the MSCI All Country World High Quality Index, net of expenses.

The fund invests in global equity markets, while screening for high return on equity (ROE), stable year-over-year earnings growth and low financial leverage.

The manager may use a sampling methodology in selecting investments for the fund.

The fund may also invest in or hold securities intended to replicate the performance of the index.

Additional Index Information

MSCI All Country World High Quality Index is based on the MSCI All Country World Index, its parent index, which includes large and mid cap stocks from global markets including developed and emerging markets.

The index aims to capture the performance of quality growth stocks by identifying stocks with high quality scores based on three main fundamental variables: high return on equity (ROE), stable year-over-year earnings growth and low financial leverage.

All securities eligible for inclusion in the index are weighted by the product of their market cap weight in the parent index and their quality score.

Issuer weights are capped at 5%.

The index is rebalanced semi-annually, as of the close of the last business day of November and May.

Key ETF Data

Category (main) Global Equity: Broad Market
Underlying Index MSCI All Country World High Quality Index
ETF Structure Passive type. Aims to track Fundamental index
Asset Class Equity
Sub-Asset Class Global Broad Market
Region Global
Issuer BMO
ETF Home Page Available here
Fund Facts
Inception Date Nov 5, 2014
Total Holdings 310
Distribution Frequency Quarterly
Leverage None
Significant Currency Exposure Yes
Currency Hedging No
Management Fee 0.45%
Management Expense Ratio (MER) 0.51%
Trading Information
Ticker ZGQ
Exchange TSX (Toronto Stock Exchange)
Currency CAD
DRIP available ** Yes
PACC Plan available ** Unknown
SWP available ** Unknown

* Always check eligibility with your plan operator as plans and accounts can differ

** Not all brokers can facilitate these plans. Check with your broker.

Current Price, Fund Performance, Yield, NAV, Charts etc

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ETF Analysis

Canada ETFs's analysis of this ETF will be available soon.